It Began With My Sister’s Special Boob Lotion

It Began With My Sister’s Special Boob Lotion

Chapter 1 - Sister's Proposal

“There’s no way I’m going to let these men squirt their filthy cum on your perfect boobs in this house my girl, and that’s final.” The whole neighbourhood would have heard Mom’s yelling. At least Dad and me weren’t in the firing line, for once.

“But Mom. It’s only to keep my boobs firm and pert. It’s not like they’re going to get me pregnant.”

“Pregnant! There’s no way you’re even talking about getting pregnant until after your marriage. You remember that well my girl. And don’t frighten me with that ‘P’ word like that.” Mom was taking in large gulps of breath now, but from long experience, I knew she had plenty of argument left in her.

“But I’ve already tried it with Tony, and it seemed to work well.”

Mom’s eyes were really wide now. “You let that… That leather jacketed thug squirt his filthy infected cock cream on your smooth and perfect boobs?”

“Three times.”

“I hope you washed it off well,” I muttered.

“The solution to this problem is obvious to me,” Father said, while Mom’s mouth was still wide open. “Since our daughter is determined to try using this new lotion on her boobs, it would be better for her to do it here, with us supervising, rather than out with strange men we don’t know.”

“You’re taking her side,” Mom growled, then she added more quietly, “Didn’t work for me.”

“We didn’t try it much,” Dad mumbled.

“I thought if both men did it together,” Sis said when things had calmed a little. “They could treat a tit each.”

“Language my girl.”

“They could have a breast each then. And once they’ve come, they won’t be excited again, and so there is no way they can then go on to make me pregnant.”

“She’s right,” Dad said sagely nodding.

“Sis definitely won’t be able to get pregnant this way,” I grinned.

“The sight of you two getting hot and bothered with your dicks out in front of our precious daughter still gives me the…” Mom shook her head while she sought the right word. Dad had a grin on his face and Sis was looking between him and me while Mom was still shaking her head slowly from side to side.

“I would certainly prefer our daughter was doing things like this with family,” Dad said. “All in the safety of our family home. Not with those outside boys and their dicks with who-knows-what disease.” “Mmmmm” Mom grumbled.

“And here, you would be able to supervise and make sure nothing suspicious happens,” Dad added. “For once, I think our daughter has suggested the best solution possible.”

“You men would say that,” Mom said. “Anything to ogle her sweet young boobies.”

Dad and me were suddenly silent. So silent, Sis had to fill in. “But I would prefer that if anyone was going to ogle my boobs it was my family.”

“Mmmm” Mom grumbled again.

“Looking, is not getting her pregnant to some strange boy,” Dad said. “We wouldn’t want that.”

“We certainly wouldn’t,” Mom added quickly. “But it still doesn’t seem right to me.”

“What if we tried it and see how things went,” Sis said keenly. “You supervise and make sure the men act like real gentlemen.” By the way she was winking at Dad and me, Sis seemed as keen as us men. Three against one.

“Them! Gentlemen?”

“We could do it in the kitchen if you like,” Sis said. “I can sit on a chair and the men stand either side.”

“With their eager dicks hanging out,” Mom said.

“They won’t be dangling,” I whispered.

“It can’t hurt, can it?” Sis said.

“Mmm. Maybe this once. But every one on their best behaviour.”

“I’ll go and get ready,” Sis said. “The men can get their pants off.”

Sis raced to her bedroom and Dad looked at me again, looking like all our Christmases had come at once, and we both dropped our pants and undies to be ready. “I never thought I would see you men parading around the kitchen naked,” Mom said, shaking her head.

We weren’t really naked, so I took my top off too. It was much more comfortable that way. If Mom said we were naked, we might as well be. Then Sis came back wearing only panties. Cute little white and pink ones that covered not a lot, and what they did cover was partly visible through the thin material. “I’m ready,” she said, and looking at Dad, I could see both us men were now very ready too. “This chair good for you men?” Sis said wobbling her chest a little to catch our attention.

“Fine,” Dad said huskily. Seeing beautiful boobies in the flesh was a hundred times better than seeing them on a screen, and Sis had two very beautiful boobies. No way they needed any lotion, but there was no way I was going to say that. Both Dad and me had our hands slowly stroking our dicks. Only gently mind.

Sis made sure to give her chest a wobble as she sat into place, then she said, “I’m ready. Aim for the nipple, and rub the cum all over the areola.”

“They’re not touching you,” Mom said desperately.

“They can use the end of their dicks to spread the cum around,” Sis said. “My boobs need to be fully covered, and I don’t want it being wasted on fingers.”

“Mmmmm,” Mom growled, her eyes never leaving my sister’s tits. “Well you better get to it.”

As if we needed telling. Just peering closely at Sis’s pale smooth tits had my cock jerking in my hand. And her nipples. Not flat and not long, but a perfect size to slip into my mouth and lick and tease with my tongue. And the areola. Darker circle, but not too dark, and not spread far as some women’s are, but then Sis had never been pregnant either.

Seeing my father’s dick in his hand so close to mine was unsettling, that was something I’d never expected to see. In one way, it seemed weird and wrong, but in another, it seemed the most natural thing in the world. He was part of my family, not a strange male in competition with me, and I felt comfortable to be wanking off in front of him.

“Hurry up,” Mom said. “You men can come quick when you want.”

“You’re making them nervous,” Sis said.

“They just want to keep ogling you,” Mom said. “Men are all the same.”

Mom was partly right.

“I’ll help them,” Sis said, her hands up and one hand making for my dick. She curled her sweet warm fingers gently over the top of my hand so the two of us were now stroking my cock together. Further in front, she covered Dad’s hand the same. Did it ever feel good. Then my sister’s hand was attempting to guide mine more. She was trying to move my cock closer to her tit, my feet needing to be shuffled forward a little to allow the movement she wanted.

“I hope you men are not getting too excited,” Mom said.


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