My Brother Has a Big Boil on his Dick and He Wants Me to Lance It!


The Boil

“Can I come in?” My brother’s sheepish face was poking through my open bedroom door.

“I’ll try not to bite,” I said. He grinned and slipped through the doorway, his eyes darting around the room.

“Looking for something?” I quipped, noticing then that he had something hidden behind his back.

“I’m looking for your help,” he said, suddenly serious. “Can I come in and talk?”

I beckoned him to sit alongside me on my bed.

“Can we shut the door?” I nodded and he managed to close the door and settle on my bed without revealing whatever he was hiding.

“What is it, is Celeste pregnant?” That was that stuck-up cow that he called his girlfriend.

“It’s worse than that.”

I couldn’t think of anything worse. Even mom hated Celeste.

“I’ve got a boil.” The words tumbling out and his face looking like he was moments from death.

“A boil! That’s nothing, I bet even Celeste would be able to help you with that.”

“You don’t understand, it’s personal. I can’t have people knowing.”

“A boil on your bum,” I said loudly, enjoying his suffering. “That’s not the end of the world.”

“It’s on my dick,” he said softly looking down towards where one of his hands was shielding his crotch. “Right at the end of my dick.”

I wanted to laugh, and I’m sure I was smiling when I said, “And you don’t want Celeste to know.”

“I’ve only told you Sis. Only the doctor knows. I don’t trust anyone else.”

I looked at the earnest pleading in his eyes and regretted my flippancy. In many ways we were a close family, and he was right. - I would help him and keep quiet. “You better show me,” I said gently. “It’s been years since I looked at your little pee pee. I bet it’s grown since then.”

Showing me involved him standing and undoing the waist of his trousers. It meant he had to bring his secret thing out and offer it toward me. It was a scrunched paper bag that held a small dark brown bottle and a roll of cotton wool.

“Disinfectant and something to cover the wound,” he said as he saw me inspecting. “That’s what the doctor said to use.”

I was more interested in the boil, but I couldn’t see anything. His dick was shrivelled to the size I’d seen when we were little kids, and it was surrounded with a growing forest of dark hair.

“You’ll need to shave that,” I said, pointing towards the spot as he stood in front of me, his pants down to his knees.

“It’s right at the end. When I get… It really sticks out.”

“Can I touch?”

“Anytime Sis.” He sounded happier and the subject of my inspection was starting to grow to meet me.

I leant forward to get a closer look, and with one hand, I coaxed his cock to point towards me, and the subject of his worry was certainly very evident. Right at the end, and alongside the slit his pee came out, was a red-raw pimple. The more time his shaft stayed in my hand, the bigger it grew, and the more that pimple grew. Now nearly as big as the end of his cock itself, sort of making it like he had two dick ends, one with a hole and the other with a straining purple pus-filled bulge that kept growing as his dick grew. The whole thing was fascinating.

“Can I catch anything?” I asked, thinking about my hand now.

“The doctor said it’s perfectly safe, nothing to catch. I wouldn’t let you come close if it wasn’t safe.”

“It needs to be sticking up to really see it.”

“That’s when I need you to lance it. That’s what the doctor said.”

“Lance it! It’s big enough to explode.”

“I know you can do it Sis. You’re good with things like this. I tried myself, but when it came to sticking a knife in my cock, I just couldn’t.”

“It’ll be messy,” I said, thinking of all the pus that would spurt out when the pressure of his erection was high.”

“I’ll bring a towel. I’ll get whatever you need. Please Sis, do this for me.”

“After you’ve showered,” I said. “And trimmed that bush.”

“Do I have to? It might itch.”

“I trim mine and it’s no problem.”

“Can I see?”

I gave his dick a squeeze and saw the cheeky grin he gave back.

“Thanks Sis. You’re the best.”


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