Mommy Wants to Piss on Me


The Garden

Not now! Go away mom. I had one hand behind Shayna, pushed down her jeans and feeling her satin backside while the other was on her leg just about to slide even closer. Go back inside mom. Not now. She wasn't listening to my wishes.

"I haven't seen your mother wearing that dress before." Shayna said, squirming on the seat.

I had. It was her flower-power dress. The short flower-fringed dress she kept for these special occasions.

"Don't worry about her. She won't disturb us." I said, my hand being squeezed from where it was heading.

"She's looking at us. She'll see."

"She's looking at the garden. Don't worry about her."

Mom had moved to the garden bed on the edge of the lawn right in front of us, her gaze only at the flowers there, not back at the bench we were on.

"Don't look. She's got no panties."

I already knew. Mom never wore panties with this dress. She was bending right over, poking at a plant while letting us get a good glimpse of her backside.

"Her bum's not much bigger than mine. Don't you look. Turn your head away. She's your mother."

I did have my head turned away, but I was still able to look, even though I'd seen it before. It was bigger than the one I was still feeling part of now, but looked so soft and smooth.

"She's squatting down and her dress is pulled right up. You shouldn't be looking at this."

I'd already seen it. Mom always flicked her dress up when she squatted down for this. I was waiting for her to continue while wishing she would just get up and go back inside.

"She's peeing! Don't look. It's not right to look at a woman peeing. You keep looking away."

My mind saw her pee jetting out hard. The pressure drilling a hole in the tilled garden dirt. I could hear the splash as the stream filled the hole with liquid and overflowed across the crumbled soil. Shayna was squirming even more, trying to get me to take my hand out of her jeans. I thought it best to comply. Thanks mom.

"It's worse. She’s using her hand to wipe herself. Don't you look. It's gross. Wait. Yuck. She's licking her fingers dry. That's beyond gross. That's filthy. Is your mother going crazy. Why would she do that. Licking her own pee off her fingers. Disgusting. I suppose you'll be wanting me to do that soon. You can look now, she's respectable again."

"Mom's not crazy, she's just been reading books on being more in tune with nature." I said.

"You're on her side then?"

"No, but she's not crazy."

"If you can't see how crazy she is, then maybe you're a bit crazy yourself. Maybe I should go home now. I think that might be best. You can take me to the door. I'll walk myself. You need time to read your mom's weird books."

I really didn't want to get up, mainly because of the raging hard-on in my jeans.

"She'll go inside now. It's alright."

"No. I've seen enough. I think I need to go now."

Mom was still admiring the flowers as I struggled to chaperon Shayna through the house and out the front door.

"Talk to you soon." I said as she set off briskly down the sidewalk. She didn't look back but her bum was waggling extra nice.

She'll never speak to me again, I thought as I tried to decide what to do with the rest of the day. Computer games seemed the best option. I'd completed all my college assignments. Well as complete as I was going to do them.


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