Mommy Kissed it Better



- John -

“Yuck, not on my skin! Get that stuff off me NOW.”

Struggling to roll off her without doing more damage, I stretched to reach the box of tissues on the bedside table, grabbing the whole box.

“Hurry up. Quick.”

Two tissues wiped the warm white blobs from her skin. Another, the residue dripping from me onto the sheets.

“I’ll scrub the rest off in the shower. I won’t want to do that again. You can go if you like.”

She was up, and racing naked through the bedroom door. I found my clothes and dressed. I could hear water running in the bathroom as I made my way along the hall towards the stairs. Her family didn’t notice me slinking towards their front door. Well-oiled hinges made escape soundless until that one porch board that creaked. It didn’t matter now. I was outside and free. My jelly legs made it to the car, mom’s car. Slumped in the driver’s seat, waiting for the shaking to stop.

- Josie. -

John was always late Saturday night. I knew he slept with Tisha, his so-called girlfriend. He’d brought her home once. Little miss look-at-me, don’t I look so pretty. Look at how my firm young tits poke out, and doesn’t my tiny backside look great in these jeans that you’d never get into.

“Have a good time.” I said as they left, hand in hand. Her backside waggling, taunting me as she walked to the car - my car. That little tart was no good for him, but who was I to say. He needed to find out himself. Needed to be hurt to learn. Tisha! What sort of name is that? Sounds like a sneeze. Tisha, Tisha.

Never letting it seem obvious, I always waited for him to come home. The car was in the driveway before I’d gone to bed. So early, something must have gone wrong. I tried to keep my expression in neutral in case he needed my sympathy. Oh, I hoped he needed my sympathy.

Seemed like forever before the thud of the car door shutting. Then the wait till the key went in the front door.

“Good night?” I said as he slunk into the lounge. An old movie quietly on the TV. Me sideways on the sofa, my legs pulled up and my robe positioned so he could see more of me than he should, if he looked.

“OK.” He said, glancing at me, although it wasn’t my face he was staring at. I shuffled to make his view better.

“You’re early”

“Tisha needed to have a shower.”

“I thought you’d shower with her.”

His face was getting redder, but his eyes hadn’t moved from my body.

“She’s not that sort of girl.”

“But you’re that sort of man.” I said, using what I thought was my most seductive voice.

He looked at my face then. I could see the confusion on his. Was I really the mother he thought?

“I better go.” He said, glancing down at the half breast that was visible from the partly open robe. The very breast he had drunk from all those years ago. Much more ample than hers. His lips were forming up ready to suck as he imagined.

I stayed lying while he moved to his bedroom. I heard the door close, then the bed groaning as he threw himself onto it. I waited for any other sound, but the muffled words from a fifty year old film was all I got.


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