Tempting Daddy: Carrots & Magic



- Cassie -

My mom named me. She promised dad he could name the next child. I still miss her. He wanted to call me Sarah. I’m glad mom won. Cassie sounds much more like me than Sarah.

“Why are you standing naked with your ear against the wall of your bedroom when it’s nearly midnight?”

I know that’s what you wanted to ask me. Just this once I’ll tell you. Dad’s room is the other side of this wall. If I stand really quiet. Quiet enough so I can hear the blood pumping in my head. If I stay this quiet, I can hear what he says as he uses his hand to relieve the tension in his body. He does it every night. Sometimes, twice. I’ve seen the lotion he uses and the tissues close by. He uses so many. I hardly need any, and I make my own lotion.

I’ve never been able to see him do this with my own eyes. He always makes sure the door is shut, but I know he sleeps naked, like me, so I picture him lying on the bed, one hand holding it while the other feels his chest, imagining he’s feeling my boobs. I hear the bed moving in rhythm with his hand. This is a good house, he wanted me to have the best, but the walls are so thin. He’s not speaking. Sometimes he does. Sometimes he forgets the thin walls and says my name. “Oh Cassie.” He says. “I want you so much.”

Not tonight.

Tonight he just groans and then the movement stops. Now it’s the sound of tissues plucked from the box. There’ll be nothing more now. He’ll drift off to sleep, dreaming of me. He’s satisfied but I’m not. My turn now. I tiptoe to my bed. It’s still the same one he bought me when I turned twelve.

“It’s time you had a more grown-up bed.” He said.

It’s not an adult bed still. Too much pink and delicate princess decoration. I like my bed. I know I’m way too old now for all this. My school friends all have real bedrooms. No fairy posters. No princess dolls. They’ve all got double beds and pop idol posters and boyfriends that sleep over. I’m happy with what I’ve got. I don’t want a new bed really. I don’t want boyfriends to sleep over. I want daddy’s bed.

- John -

Only one lover has touched my body in fourteen years. One lover to share my passion. Never complaining. Always ready when I am. I need her every night. Can’t sleep until she’s stroked my tension away. Her fingers sliding over my cock. Up and down. A slow and steady rhythm. Evoking images in my mind. My other hand soothing my breast. Gliding over my chest, pretending I’m feeling hers. Feeling the roughness of my fingers brushing my nipples. She never complained they were too rough. “They’re the strong hands of my worker.” She’d say. I miss her so much. Cassie’s her clone. The same everything. I don’t know what happened to my half of her DNA.

I’m sliding into her. So wet. So easy. So perfect.


The voices strong in my head. I can’t even dream without them.

“She’s your daughter, you pervert.”

I pull my mind away to calm the voices. Think instead of her body in front of me. No touching, just looking. That’s not so bad. The voices approve by their silence. Dreaming of her breast the target of my love. Her soft, silky skin waiting for my seed. Urging me onward by its perfection.

My hand moves faster now. I feel the changes begin. Feel the muscles start to squeeze my sperm from their home. Encouraging them to move. Prodding and poking them to crowd together and scramble to complete the journey to fulfil their life. Hand moves faster. Muscles pulse. Anticipation builds. On her boob. It’s so close. Squirt now.

“Pervert. Pervert.”

Bright red demons waving flaming pitchforks chanting in unison.I’m inside her. Squirting my love inside her. The voices are punishing me for letting my concentration fail. Letting my desire win. My body is calm. Physical tension draining. My mind in torment. Every night the same. Every night my body needs the release. Every night, torment is my guide to sleep.

- Cassie -

Dad’s sister helped me. Dad was afraid he wouldn’t be able to tell me woman’s things properly so he took me to his sister. She told me all about periods and sex. She showed me all her things. Things to make her happy without a man.

“Can you get me one of those rubber cocks?” I asked her.

“You can use your finger.”

“But they’re bigger.”

She did get me one. “A small one to start.” She said. I named it Daddy. It was a type of rubber the same colour as skin. It was the best present anyone has ever given me.

It hurt the first time I stuck it inside me. Bled a bit too, but then it was sooo good. Night and morning I had Daddy inside me. Moving in and out. Making me tingle and want even more.

I’ve got three now. That first one I’ve renamed Little Dad. The next one is Daddy, and my last one is Big Daddy. It’s the one I use every day now. Soft and skin coloured, but with an added part that tickles my button. It’s the one I’m using now. Lying on my bed, thinking of daddy going to sleep in his room. Imagining that I’m in his bed with him and Big Daddy is his cock inside me. Feeling him moving gently into me. He’d never want to hurt me. He’d always be gentle with me. His hands touching my boobs. They’re not huge. My mom’s weren’t either, even when she fed me. While they’re not so big, they’re so sensitive and they love being touched ever so lightly. Sometimes they love being gripped in one hand and held tight, but tonight I’m letting my left hand brush over them as my right hand works Big Daddy in and out.

There’s only one thing I need to be careful of. I can’t yell out. I can’t get so excited I forget where I am and how thin the walls are. It won’t matter when I’m sleeping with daddy, but for now, I need to take care. When I feel the tingling in my groin start to grow, I have to turn my head into the pillow while my body wants to twist and turn and my left hand grabs my boobs so tight and my voice tastes cloth as it tries to let my happiness out for the world to know.


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