Under The Bridge


The Bridge

Thump, thump… Thump, thump… Thump, thump… The muffled sound of speeding tyres echoing around the damp concrete formed the background music to my lunch. The space under the bridge was a haven to escape the claustrophobic feeling of living in this town. Part of the year there was water flowing, but most times, like now, it was just an open channel that needed to be bridged to allow the main highway to easily pass.

All us kids gravitated to congregate under the bridge, the one place where no one in town could see us. Only me now. Over the last six months, one-after-another, those of my age had escaped. Boarding at College mainly. Ted to an apprenticeship in the capital. The girls were the same. A couple did stay, but they mainly left the bridge for the younger ones now. I could have gone home, it was the same distance.

“Can I sit with you?” I twisted my head to see it was Katelyn. “I didn’t mean to disturb.”

“Just lost…” I said, half a sandwich in my hand.

“I knew you would be here. I know you like the peace.” She was getting down to sit on the rough concrete ledge. So close that I felt the warmth of her knee against my leg.

“Would you like one? Egg and lettuce.” Katelyn was a bright girl. Could have easily got into college. Could have gone far, but her older brother was already there and her younger was due to go later this year, and there was no money for her. In this town everyone knew everything, or thought they did.

“I’m fine thanks. I’ll be back home soon. No work today and only half a day tomorrow. You did good with your job though.”

“I think Tom knew mom needed the help.”

“He knew you were a hard worker.”

She’d moved and her bottom was touching mine now, and my nose was alive with spring flowers.

“You had any thoughts on what you’re going to do?” Under the bridge, that was the constant, everyone working out how they could leave this town. I moved my head a little towards her face, her blue eyes looking back at me. “I thought I could care for our children and bring your lunch. I think we’ll both like that.”

I’d heard, and said, a lot of kite flying in this place, but looking at her eyes, I was certain she was saying what she truly meant. My face turned to fire as I thought an answer.

“We’d be a good couple and I know you like me.” I hadn’t started quick enough.

“I do like you,” I eventually said. “I’d never thought that far ahead.” We’d never even kissed.

“There’s room in your mom’s house, and I’m sure she’d like the company. I could walk you home after work and we could see her. At least people don’t see what happens inside.”

“But they imagine,” I added.

“Let them.” She was almost laughing, her eyes sparkling. “I like giving them new things for their imagination, but what I’d really like is to feel you and kiss you and hold you close.”

“So would I.”

“We can have our first real kiss together. I’ll like that.”

“Why me?” I asked. “I’m no real catch.”

“To me you are, and that’s all that matters.” She was getting up. “I’ll be waiting.” And she was leaving, away from the privacy and back into the town, leaving me with a storm of thoughts that swam all afternoon making work hard.

- - -

“Women do that to a man lad,” my boss Tom said as we were tidying up at the end of the day and I was fumbling stacking the displays. “Waiting for half an hour,” his head glancing towards the hardware doorway where Katelyn was pacing.

“I should hold your hand as we walk. I don’t mind if they all know since I am going to be your woman, aren’t I?” She had hold of my hand as soon as I came through the hardware shop door. Her hand so warm and soft, and so delicious as she wriggled her fingers to entwine with mine. “Strong hands like yours make me feel so safe.”

I let her swing my arm as we walked side by side along the footpath. People were noticing. “You really think we’ll be good together?” I asked, risking a glance towards her and wishing I could have my arm around her waist instead.

“Of course we will. I’ve seen you watching me for ages, and a girl knows when a man likes her by the way he looks.”

My ears burned like hot coals. I had looked at her. I’d looked at all the girls. We all did. And I did like her, a lot, even though I’d never said so. I let her go through our gate first, it wasn’t wide enough for two, and called out to mom as we got close to the front door. “Katelyn is here with me.”

Mom was just inside the door and had her hand out to guide my girl into the kitchen as though she was already a part of the family.

“I’m glad you came by. Luke is always talking about you and it’s good to see you.”

Kate glanced a smile to me. I couldn’t really remember talking about her that much.

“He was always looking at me, and I knew we’d be a great couple.”

“I think you might too,” Mom said. I noticed Kate taking in the room. “You should show her through the house,” Mom said to me. “It’s not big, but at least we own it.”

“What I’ve seen looks fine. It looks like ours, and I think I’ll like living here. Will you show me your room Luke?”

I noticed mom’s brows flick but I did reach for Katelyn’s hand and guided her towards my room. It was a small house, and apart from the kitchen and living room, there were only two bedrooms and a bathroom. Outback, in an addition, there was a laundry and another room that could be used for a bed, but we used it as a storeroom and clothes airing room when it was wet. I hadn’t been expecting visitors, but at least I didn’t have clothes lying around and I thought it was quite tidy. Even the tools I had down one side were set out neat.

“My brothers always leave a mess,” Kate said. “I’m glad you’re not like them.” She was mainly looking at my bed. “Can you shut the door?”

I did reach for the door catch and saw Katelyn getting ready to sit on my bed.

“Come and sit by my side,” she said softly as soon as the door clicked shut, her eyes looking at me. I did what she asked, sitting close alongside her, keeping my eyes on hers. They were pale blue. Bunches of strong flowers surrounded her, making me sure I must smell of stale sweat and creosote. I should have showered and changed into my good clothes. Her face was coming closer and her lips were parting. I wanted so much to hold her. She was so close and I know she wanted me to be there, so I let my right arm slide around to lie around her, and at the time while I was deciding to actually touch her, her lips touched mine and my hand was there to keep her close. Too close really, for when I felt her strawberry lips against mine I wanted to hold her so much I squeezed her waist tight to me and she had both her hands around my back, pressing me close to her. My left hand was reaching to reach around her too, but I couldn’t see what I was looking for and touched her side or more likely her breast since my hand found softness and her lips pressed harder against mine, but then her lips were leaving mine and she whispered inches from my face, “I want you to feel.”

I did too, but as I positioned my hand to fit over her breast, I felt one of her hands over mine, holding it and moving it away. Her lips were back over mine while I felt her guide my hand down towards her waist, where she worked both our hands inside her top and I felt her bare tummy against my fingers, then as she lifted me up I felt a crease where the bottom of her breast began. Her hand released mine and I moved higher until I had my whole hand feeling the deliciously silky softness of her breast.

“No one else has ever felt that,” She whispered. “And ever will.”

I never wanted to let it go, and as I was feeling the point of her nipple, I felt a hand forcing itself inside the top of my pants and I moved my body to let it move more freely. I knew she would be wanting to feel my cock, well I hoped she did, since I wanted to know what it would feel like to have someone else’s fingers wrapped around it. I hope it would be big enough for her. I knew it was as hard as it ever had been right now.

She had trouble with my undies, but she soon had her hand rubbing my shaft, and it felt magnificent. My dick was throbbing with excitement as her fingers moved up and down, trying to feel every part of me, and then concentrating on the head, one finger circling around and around making me strain and shudder and making it hard to concentrate in feeling her boob.

“Has anyone else felt you like that?” she whispered.

“Only my own hand,” I admitted.

“I want it inside me,” she said, and her voice wasn’t so quiet as before.

“Not now,” I said.

“Tomorrow,” she whispered this time.

I squeezed her boob a little as she gripped my dick in a way I often did.

“You’ll have to stop before I come,” I said, feeling it might already be too late.

“Did I make you too excited?” her voice almost twinkled.

“You always did.”

“So you do dream of me.”

“Some times,” I said as her hand slid out of my pants and I was trying to calm my dick that really didn’t want to be calmed but I didn’t want a crotch of sticky cum right now. I let go of her boob and brought my own hand out of her top. Fair is fair.

“Luke Connors,” she said as we were both untangled, “I’m going to be your only man.”

“Katelyn Hargreaves. I want to be your woman.”

We kissed again then, both of our hands to hold our bodies close. I felt a little bit of cum drip out, but it wasn’t enough to make a mess. She made me so hot.

We both stood and straightened our clothes, then she looked around my room more closely.

“There will be enough room for our double bed,” she pronounced.

“Maybe a queen,” I said.

“Do you think I’m going to get that big,” she laughed.

"Room for the babies,” I said, thinking fast. She kept laughing.

“You both seem to be getting on very well,” Mom said when we came back into the kitchen.

“Your house is much like ours’ only we’ve got an extra bedroom for the boys,” Katelyn said.

“Do you want to stay for dinner?” Mom asked.

“I’d love to stay tomorrow night,” Katelyn said. “Tonight I promised to help Mom and I’ve got work tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow night then,” Mom said. “You should bring some things if it gets late and you want to stay over.”

“I’ll do that,” Katelyn chirped.

“Luke can take you home. Give you some time to walk by yourselves.”


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