Trailer Park Promises


Purple Car

It was a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater. The lyrics from my youth swirled around my mind whenever I saw that car. Purple cars were not something you saw every day. I guessed this one was eight or ten years old. And it had been worked. The engine had that burble. Boy racer I thought. Until I saw her.

Between twenty and thirty, I was never good with ages, she was a woman that made me look up and take notice. Long platinum-blond hair and a large… chest. As though she could easily tilt over. Completely out of place with her slender physique. I wasn’t the only one looking. Every man in the park was finding reasons to walk slowly past her camp site. I didn’t walk because I could see her site from the small window alongside my bed. It let me watch her get out of her tiny one-man tent in the morning, rugged up warm as she made for the bathroom block, and I saw her go to the showers before dark, a robe loosely wrapped around. Her independent nature appealed.

Twice I saw her sitting with a group from the park and heard her laugh at their nonsense. Everyone knew her laugh. Loud and distinctive, like a gaggle of startled geese, she honked. Honk, honk, honk.


Most evenings after work I walked a worn dirt path around one edge of the park. Left, right, left. Pacing briskly to clear my work-cramped muscles and open my chest. I had turned to walk the return path when I saw her starting on the path towards me. I’d never seen her do that before.

Walking slower than me and giving me plenty of time to think of something to say as we passed. Something like evening, or simply hi, or maybe haven’t seen you here before, though that did sound a bit like a pickup phrase. As I rehearsed in my mind, I noticed her face. She was staring right at me, her hair swirled around the top of her head in a bun, and her eyes right on mine.

“You walk around here often?” she said, her voice sweet and nothing like a goose. “I haven’t seen you here before. Can we walk together? I’m Erin.”

“Of course,” I said, stopping in place and trying to collect my thoughts. Her eyes looked green. “Peter, and I’d love to walk with you.” Maybe I shouldn’t have said love.

“I see you leave early before me. You live alone in that big trailer?”

“Yeah. It’s not that big.”

“Compared to mine it’s huge.” Honk, honk.

Her smile was contagious and I wanted to soak it all in, but I realised I was standing in front of her and we were supposed to be walking. “I think you’re very resilient living alone in that tiny tent,” I said as I turned around so she could come to my side.

“I just wanted my own space and it was on sale at Kmart.”

“I wondered how you managed to change in that tiny space.” We were side by side now, walking slow, and in step together.

“You've been watching?” Honk, honk. “Why didn’t you come and try to pick me up like the rest of them?” Her hand waved around behind towards the main part of the park.

“I’m old enough to be your father.”

“What if I wanted an older man?” Her voice tapering to almost a whisper.

I stopped walking and turned to her. She was looking back the same, her face tilted up a tiny amount, her pale green eyes looking into mine. I couldn’t think of anything to say that sounded safe. She turned away and started to walk again. I matched her steps. We were near the end of the path now. As far from others as we could.

“Would you hold my hand?” she asked softly.

I reached out and took her hand, feeling it curl into mine tightly, like a child afraid of being left behind. I curled my fingers like hers, sealing our connection.

“I want to find all about you,” she said. “Would you let me talk in your trailer?”

“Of course.”

“I never saw anyone else look inside.”

“I like my privacy.”

“So do I.”

We’d came to the end of the track and needed to do a wide loop to turn around to keep hand in hand.

“Feel like you don’t want to let me go,” she said.

“I thought that was you,” I said, feeling a stupid grin on my face.

Honk, honk, honk.

We walked further in silence, looking ahead at those outside their trailers pretending to not watch us.

“Go around again, or your home?” she asked.

“Home,” I said. “They’ve got enough to gossip about already.”

Honk, honk. “You don’t fit in well here, do you.”

“It’s a place to stay.”

“We’ve got a lot in common.”

I held her hand until we were standing right in front of the door to my trailer. I had to let go to get the keys from my pocket.

“Don’t trust them?”

“It’s my only home.” I had the door open, and held it open for her to pass through ahead. Looking behind I saw many eyes suddenly glancing away.

“It’s nice,” she said with a tone that made me think she expected a mess. “Better than a tent. So much room!”

I stayed in the doorway, letting her explore more. I couldn’t help thinking she was inspecting with an intention of moving in, or maybe she was casing the place.

“I didn’t think you’d have an oven,” she said, the door down while she looked inside. “Gas?"

“Yes. Gas oven, hotplates and hot water.”

“So many cupboards.” Each one opened and inspected. “You find a lot about a person from their cupboards.”

“What do they say about me?”

“I haven’t seen everything yet.”

She moved past me to the other end of the trailer. Up two steps to the part that had the shower cubical, toilet, basin and bed.

“It’s a big wardrobe,” she said as she checked both doors, then the drawers. “I really miss my own shower.”

“I thought most women worried about the toilet?”

“I’m easy. Bucket works for me.” Honk, honk.

Inspection complete, she came back to me near the door. “Can we sit and talk?”

Her eyes were pointing to the settee, and I nodded, Erin finding the furthest end and daintily sitting.

“So what’s your report,” I said when I was sitting alongside and looking at her.

“You’re very like me. Nearly everything is how I’d do it. I think we are a good match.”

“I didn’t know I was being matched.”

“I did.” Honk, honk. “I knew you were interested in me, I caught you staring so many times, and not always at my face.” Honk, honk, honk. She brought both her hands up and lifted her breasts and made them wobble up and down a few times. “I wish they weren’t so big and floppy, but I see you like them.”

“It’s hard not to notice,” I said diplomatically.

“Oh feel them. I want you to feel them so we can talk. Go-on, give them a jiggle.” She’d let her hands away to make space, so I did bring my hands up to gingerly cup the underneath of both her breasts. My fingers feeling soft warmth through the fabric. Feeling the rapid in-and-out of her breathing. Feeling the flesh jiggle as I pressed. “Don’t stop.”

She was moving her body in the seat, lifting her legs so they were over mine and she was facing me, and I had more of my hands around her boobs, holding the back and side with a thumb over where her nipple would be except it was hidden in a tight fabric seam.

“I’d like you to hold me forever.” Her voice was dreamy and her breathing still fast as she pressed her breast into my hands. “Would you be my daddy?” I kept massaging her boobs and looked into her eyes. “You don’t need to decide yet. I can wait.”

The moment was gone. I reluctantly released my hands.

“Can I try sitting on you? I don’t think I’m that heavy.”

“I’ll say if you are,” I said, sitting up straight while she made ready to sit.

Maybe my legs weren’t the best thing to sit on, but she made it work and I had her backside sitting over my thighs and my arms loosely around her.

“I’d like you to hold me tight.”

I did as she asked. I liked it better too.

“I’m a bit big to be your little girl.”

“We could pretend,” I said.

She laughed. No honking, just a sweet-little-girl giggly laugh.

“Does my daddy already have a daughter?” Her breath against my right ear.

“No daughter or son. You?”

“No daddy either. It’s only ever been Mom and me.”

I squeezed her a little then, and felt her face lean into mine. “You’re not too heavy for daddy.”


We talked nonsense while I held her on my lap. Words that gave us both time to think. I lent back in the seat and she came with me so I was half laying in her arms. I loved the feel of her face against mine. My hands around her. Her bottom in my lap, and my cock straining in my crotch that I’m sure she could feel.

“Would you let me stay tonight?”

I said “yes” before I’d thought.

“Wait while I get some things.”

She was up and heading for the door in an instant.

“Won’t be a moment.”

The door closed and the inside of my trailer suddenly felt cold and damp. As though winter had come early and all I could do was hunker down and wait for summer.



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