My Boss Asked Me to Wear an Easter Bunny Costume


The Proposal

“Miss Summers. My office before your break please?”

Carol had her fingers crossed on both hands and whispered “Good luck” as I turned towards the bosses’ office.

His face didn’t look like a staff firing ogre. We’d all talked about who would be first, and it was only a few days to Easter, a perfect time for someone to be let go. Standing tall and straight, I concentrated in projecting a confident pose. I didn’t have a file to hold. I always had something when I went in before. He was stepping back leaving the doorway open but keeping a hand on the handle.

“Thanks for interrupting your break. You can make up the time later.”

He almost sounded human and I managed to flash a small smile as I walked through the doorway.

“Take a seat.”

He was closing the door himself. Making sure it fully closed too.

“What I want to talk about is to be kept completely private,” he said as he walked passed me and around the desk to get to his seat. Real leather, but the scuffs and marks always reminded me of a dusty old bric-a-brac store from a back country town. Others said she had designed his office.

“I don’t mind missing lunch, I had nothing planned.” And if I did, it was nothing worth risking my job for. I actually really liked this job.

“Miss Summers.” He was sitting looking in my direction. “I want to ask.” He couldn’t look at my eyes. “I know you have worked here longer than most.”

“We all know work hasn’t been the best lately,” I said, trying to put both us out of his misery.

“Work. Yes. Your work has always been excellent, I have no complaints.” He looked at my eyes for a moment then.

“Some have been talking about retrenchments.” I’d always been straight with him, not sugar pilling things. He sat back in his desk and did keep his gaze on mine.

“If people were to be let go, you be the last on the list.” He was looking directly at me. “And I don’t want that information to leave this office.”

“Thank you sir. I can keep things to myself when it’s needed.”

“I’ve noticed that about you. It’s something I appreciate. Many of the others are too ready to tell everyone else our business.” The desk held his attention for a while, then he seemed to change tack and faced me again. “I want to ask you something very personal. Maybe not personal, more private. Um, something that I needed you to keep only between us two. Is that something you might do?”

“I can certainly keep secrets,” I said, beginning to think this might be better than I’d first feared.

“Even this little talk must stay secret.” He was boring into my eyes.

“Spit and swear,” I said holding my left hand out towards my mouth.

He laughed then. He really did. I felt about five years old playing in the schoolyard.

“I always thought I could trust you. I’m not sure… No, I am sure I want to ask this, but want you to know that if you don’t like what I suggest, it won’t affect our work.”

“You want me to work overtime?”

“Yes and no. It will be after-hours, and I’ll make sure you’re well rewarded for the time. I’ve not done this before, so forgive me if I get this wrong, but I want you to wear a bunny costume for Easter for me.”

“I’m not sure I’d be the best bunny,” I said, relieved it was something so easy.

“I’m sure you’d be the most perfect bunny for me, but don’t agree until I tell you the rest. There would only be the two of us, and when we were comfortable, I’d want you to pee all over me why you wear that costume. I’m sure you’ve dreamed of pissing off your boss.” His eyebrows lifted as he finished.

I was trying to think of a witty answer, but all I could see in my mind was my middle aged boss lying while I pissed.

“I see you’re thinking about it,” He said.

Maybe I was smiling a little as I said, “But you’d need to be naked.”

“We would.” He was definitely smiling and my smile was waining as I realised.

“This would be very… Naughty.”

“Wicked. Depraved. Not becoming of a man in my position.”

“What about… your wife?”

“This is a secret Easter present for me. No one can ever know. Spit and swear.” We both laughed then. “You haven’t said no.”

“I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Neither have I. We’d be learning together.”

“You don’t expect more… I don’t want to be your mistress.”

“Why I can’t say I haven’t dreamed of you like that, it will always stay a dream. Just harmless fun, indulging an old man’s fantasy.”


“You will?”

“I’m game. When do we do this?”

“I have to get the costume first. Thursday after everyone has left for Easter.”

“It’ll get messy.”

“There’s a bathroom and shower behind, we can do it there.”

“The executive bathroom. I must be moving up.”

Feeling like a schoolgirl, all I could think was how naughty this would be. By the grin on my bosses’ face, he must be thinking the same.

“Tursday afternoon.”

“I’ll say I have to finish a report,” I said.

“Remember to drink plenty.”

Luckily everyone else was still at lunch as he ushered me out of his office. It gave me time to calm my mirth before I had to face my workmates.


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