Tasting Mommy's Pee


Bathroom Accident

It started with a single drop. I knew it was pee. It had a slight yellow tint against the clean white plastic toilet seat. I also knew it had to be moms’. There was only me and her in this apartment. It had always been only us two. Mom never said who my father was. Never told anyone as far as I could find out.

"Don’t leave pee on the toilet seat,” mom always said. “Stand close or put the seat up.”

I always stood close, but sometimes I still wet the seat. I never bothered to put it up, although I did wipe it clean. I had paper in my hand now, about to wipe these drops away, when the thought came into my head. Maybe I’d had these same thoughts before, but they’d always been in dreams. It’s not like I spent my days thinking about what my mom’s pee tasted like.

“Why not?” I said to myself. “It’s clean.” Mom was always cleaning things. Our apartment might be small, but it was always clean and tidy. I knelt on the pale blue fluffy floor mat before the toilet and brought my nose over the drops. Hard to smell anything special above the lavender of the toilet cleaner mom used. I needed to taste it. I poked a finger into one of the drops and watched the liquid cover the skin on the tip of my finger. Here goes, I thought as I brought that damp digit towards my tongue.

Just a quick dab on my stuck out tongue. Just a tiny bit to test.

Sort of salty. A little bitter. Not the most refreshing drink, but considering it had been inside my mom only a short while ago, it seemed rather special. I’d not thought of it before, but what I’d just tasted had really been part of mom, just like I’d been part of her all those years ago. It was really special and I wanted it all now. I was so close, all I had to do was bend my head forward and lick the remaining drop from the plastic. It wasn’t much. Hardly enough to get a good taste but the thought of where it had come from made it the most precious drink I’d ever had.

I couldn’t get the source of those drops out of my mind. It was always such a secret with women. Even my girlfriend would never let me watch her pee. “What women do in the bathroom is private,” she said. She always shut the door, just like mom, and I always wanted to look, but never could. I had to make do with porn pictures and videos from fetish sites on the net, but I wanted to do more than just look from a distance. I wanted to be so close to watch that yellow liquid leave the body that had created it. I wanted to smell it, touch it, taste it, and lick the source clean.

My cock was making its presence known now, all this thinking had made it grow hard, very hard, so hard it needed a release right now. My hand would have to do, sliding along my shaft, while I imagined there was a real woman sitting on the seat in front of me. One that looked very much like my mom, with her slender long legs spread so I could see between them. See her pussy lips part as her body relaxed. See them opening to reveal her secret parts to my sight. The bump of her clit above the slit that is opening to let her water pass through, and then the entrance to the place my cock was made to fill, hardly spread now, unlike the circle above, fully open to release the flow.

Wham! It’s there without further warning. Blasting out hard. Jetting against the porcelain to make a ringing, tinging sound. Aroma rising to fill the air. Spicy and pungent and making my cock shudder with excitement as I hear the flow running down the ceramic to tinkle into the waiting watery pool and turn it golden. It could be running over my body, leaving pungent warmth and making my skin slippery wet, perfect for our bodies to slide together while my fertile cock slips into its only real home ready to leave its gift of new life inside the one who gave me life. My balls are boiling. My cock pulsing in rhythm.

“Squirt in her,” I say to myself. “Squirt my baby inside her.”

I wanted to cry out as my sperm blasted out, but I held my mouth tight as my cream squirted over the seat and bowl. As I realised where I was again, I began cleaning up the mess. Wiping the seat clean. Cleaning my dribbles. Finally flushing the toilet. Only then, I remembered I hadn’t done what I came here for. Too late now, I’d have to hold it in tight a while longer.

- - -

“Morning baby,” Mom said when I came out. “Breakfast’s ready.”

My mind was still on the taste of Mom’s pee as I sat down to eat. I’m sure mom knew something, but she said nothing. My eyes kept looking at her when I thought she wouldn’t notice. Other boys at college told me they thought she was hot, said she had the best tits ever, but she was my mom, so I hadn’t seen her like that, but the more I looked now, the better she got. All my friend’s moms were older. She’d had me when she was sixteen. Her birthday was next month. Thirty five, but she still looked good. If I didn’t already have a girlfriend, she’d nearly be in line, and her tits had my hands itching to touch and tempt them.

“Did you breastfeed me?” I asked. “When I was a baby.”

“Why you asking?”

“Just thinking.”

“Yes I did. You were a great feeder. Hard to get you to stop. I think you really liked my boobs.”

My face felt like a red hot furnace. I’m sure mom knew I wasn’t thinking of when I was a baby.

“I liked feeding you. You were always gentle on me. Other mothers were so jealous of me for that. Most of their kids bit and tugged while you just gently sucked.”

“Was it just us two then?”

“It’s always been just us two. I know you want to know about your father, but there really is nothing to know. He’s never been with me. He doesn’t know you even exist. Try to let it go baby. I have.”

“Didn’t you want another man?”

“At times I did, but then I had you to take care of and that seemed more important than chasing another man that would most likely leave as soon as things got tough.”

I looked at mom’s face then. She was smiling at me. More a sort of secret type of smile. She really did look good. Too good to be my mom.

“You’ve been my man all these years.”

I wanted to say that it wouldn’t be forever since I would leave to start my own life, and yet part of me wanted to jump up and go to her and hug her tight and tell her I’d never leave her. Mom saved me by getting up from the table and starting to move the dishes to the sink.

“Can I help?”

“I’m fine. You make sure your school work is up to date.”

I took the opportunity to return to the bathroom to do what I started to do before.

- - -

Next morning, I waited until mom had been to the bathroom and then slipped in right after. It was the same. Three large drops on the clean white seat today. No time to waste. Glance at the door to confirm it’s closed and I was kneeling on the mat with my mouth ready. Scent still masked by lavender, but the drops warm on my tongue. Hardly enough to get a good taste. I needed more. Much more.

She knew!

The thought hit me in the pit of my stomach. Of course she knew. She would never do this by accident, just wasn’t her style. She was leaving this for me. Why? Part of me didn’t want to worry about questions like that, it needed action, needed to show her that I was a man. I stroked my rigid cock. Faster and faster as I thought of where that pee had come from. Thought of drinking it direct. Thought of how her boobs would look when she was naked. Thought of poking my cock inside her and pretending she wasn’t my mother but my lover instead.

My cream was surging out. Splattering everywhere. Trying to focus to get some onto the seat where her pee had been. Leaving a small tribute to thank her for her gift. Its colour blended with the white of the plastic, but still it could be seen. Not neat like hers, but streaked as it dripped.

Calmed, I cleaned the mess other than the seat, straightened myself and flushed. She was waiting as I walked out, I said nothing and kept moving towards my room. Behind me, I heard her open the bathroom door and go in. I stayed so I could watch. She wasn’t very long, and she didn’t flush. I was in my room before she came fully out so couldn’t see her face. I imagined it as happy, smiling, thinking her son appreciated her gift. When I eventually came out of my room, she said nothing about the bathroom. She seemed happy though, and I noticed that her top seemed loose. I couldn’t help but notice when she bent over. In fact she took every opportunity to bend over so I could see down her top to the pale smooth skin of her breasts held by a skimpy skin-coloured bra. Every time I saw that, I wanted to race to the bathroom and beat my meat, but she would have noticed.

By dinnertime I was a wreck. I’d spent all day with her in my thoughts. All day trying to hide a hard-on, and it was my mom! Not some cute girl from school, but my mom. Thank goodness tomorrow was Monday and mom would be at work.


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