An Encounter With The Pee Fairy - A Little Aussie Fable


The bush

Once upon a time in a land called Australia, there was a man who liked to take long walks in the bush. The bush being like a wood, only the ground is usually sandy and most of the trees are hardly more than head high. This man, we’ll call him Bruce, walked alone in the bush near his house most days for exercise. Sometimes, once he’d walked a good distance and he felt the need, he stopped for a pee. Pissing in the bush is a very therapeutic pastime. Standing tall in the silent vastness, and letting the stress of the day dissipate quietly into the sand. Engrossed in the growing wet hole as it’s drilled in the sand by the glistening golden stream, and seeing its top covered with small airy bubbles. A simple harmless pursuit that brings immense satisfaction.

Today was no different. Feeling the urge, Bruce stopped in a sandy clearing, turning right around to make sure no one else was near before sliding the zipper of his pants down. A few seconds to search through the fly and ease his relaxed dick out free from its confinement. Slowly exhaling a pent up breath he let his cock alone to luxuriate in the warmth of the sunshine as it played over his sensitive skin. Another smaller sigh and with only two fingers for support, he took hold of the shaft again and pointed the end of his cock at the sand a few feet in front of him. Completely relaxed, he let go the valve that was holding his pent up pee captive.

Rustle rustle.

Instantly his cock clamped tight and he jerked his head toward the unwanted sound, for things making noises in the bush out here were not things you want to run into with your dick out. Large long legged lizards with razor sharp claws, or fast slithering snakes with poison drenched fangs ready to sink into any soft sensitive flesh. Then there was always large birds with pointy snapping beaks on the search for fat wriggling worms and even the giant hairy spiders with their eight beady eyes and fangs. The Australian bush was not a welcoming place for the unprepared.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you,” a highpitched and very sexy sounding female voice said.

Bruce couldn’t see anyone, but had the sense to stuff his dick inside his pants before he searched more.

“Look down,” the sexy voice said.

Doing as instructed, Bruce could only see something that looked like a tailless rat standing on its hind legs.

“Don’t be frightened,” the voice said. “A wicked goblin placed a hex on me and turned me into this shape. Now all I need is help to get back to my real form.”

Pull the other one, Bruce said to himself. I didn’t come down in the last shower. “How come you can talk good like this?”

“It’s only my shape that’s been hexed. I’m still really a fairy.”

“What sort of fairy are you then?” Bruce asked cautiously.

“A beautiful fairy,” the shape said. “And if you can help me clear the spell, I will be your companion and lover for life.”

Now there was one thing a man walking around the bush alone really sought above all else and that was a cute chick to be his lover, and sometimes that desire clouded a man’s judgement.

“Couldn’t hurt to try clearing her,” Bruce muttered to himself. “Your body like a normal woman’s,” he said louder.

“Twenty two years old,” the voice said, “Long blonde hair to my waist and my skin was the colour of fresh cream.”

He had his hands held out over his chest while he thought what more to say.

“Pert,” the voice said sexily. “Firm but warm and waiting to be licked and sucked.”

“I can’t see your wand.”

“It’s only small now. It grows with me.”

Bruce nodded and said, “So how do I unhex you then?”

“Piss over me.”


“Piss all over me. The pee of a strong virile man will wash away the hex and I will grow to be what I was before. It will take several treatments, and I can only remain in this place a short time each day. Would you be able to come here the same hour the rest of the week?”

“Too right,” Bruce said keenly. “We starting now?”

“Blast your golden water over me,” the voice said.

Bruce had his hands back in his fly and his dick out in seconds, using both hands this time to steady his aim.

“Just squirt all over?”

The animal seemed to nod and Bruce tried to release his pee. Seeing this rat like thing in front of him, the pee was easy to release, and he aimed straight for it, the yellow liquid hitting the thing and seeming to soak right into it. While his salty stream blasted out, the standing rat thing turned around and around, making sure Bruce’s pee covered every part of its rodent looking body.

This is better than pissing on the sand, Bruce thought to himself as the rodent twirled and his pent up pee blasted out. Soak in that rat!

With a small weak dribble, his blast stopped, only some drops left to shake off. The rat like thing looked exactly as it did before, only now it was glistening wet.

“Same time tomorrow,” it said sweetly, and Poof, it disappeared, not even leaving a wet patch on the sand where it had been standing.

“At least she sounded nice,” Bruce said as he bent down to prove to himself the sand was indeed dry where he’d peed. “Hope her hot girl bits are as good as her voice.”


...o O o...


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