My Dream Lover is a Succubus

My Dream Lover is a Succubus

Chapter 1 - Crystal or Hand

Even through the dank gloom, its shape was clearly formed in a dull pinkish glow. The sort of glow made by one of those light-in-the-dark toys. A fluffy, indistinct sort of light that hardly illuminated its surroundings, yet it had the right shape to outline the large crystal.

“Only the worthy may advance.”

The unexpected words, booming and echoing like they had been said in the middle of a vast sacred cavern, but I was sure we were in an old-fashioned sewer. One where the walls were made of hand-made bricks, and the surface now covered with decades of crusted-on filth.

“Are you worthy?” The insistent voice boomed from its cavern.

“Yes. I am worthy.” What else could I say. I’m sure my voice sounded as shaky as the rest of my body, but turning back was not an option.


I did, my body seemingly gliding forward, closer and closer to that glowing prize. The famed stone of immortality that all seek and few find. Closer and closer, the crystal coming clearer and clearer. Like a double pointed quartz crystal, the type those attempting crystal healing favoured. But this was not some old dead rock. This was alive with power. So much power it glowed itself.

Three or four more paces and it would be mine. Close enough now to see the crystal was resting on a plain rock pillar, the stone support dark, like the walls of the tunnel. Only the crystal with the power to glow and illuminate the gloom around.

Two more paces. My right hand lifting ready, and the glowing crystal was gone. Well it was still there, only now there was a hand over it blocking most of the light. I stopped so close, turning my gaze up to see who had claimed the crystal before me. It couldn’t be Adrien, he’d be well behind. And Tom would be yelling his joy, he could never stay quiet. And Samantha? The girls always focused on safe targets. But it was a woman. A naked woman. Even in the gloom there was no doubt about that, and looking up, her face was one I’d never seen other than in dreams.

“You don’t need to choose,” her voice so sweet, like oozing honey. “I can be yours forever as well.”

Maybe it was a test, I hadn’t seen her coming. The legends of the Stone mention nothing about a woman.

“Who are you?” My words came out a little short, but she didn’t seem upset.

“You dream of me every night. Holding my naked body so close, your hands feeling my breasts. And everyday you intend me to become real, and when you release your seed, you wish it is squirting deep inside my pussy.”

“And I can’t think of anyone else but you,” I added, sealing my fate for sure. “But you’re real.” Attempting to read her face but the only light was the reddish glow of the crystal and that was making her eyes shine red.

“Every night you invite me to become one with you and become real.”

It was a test. A test that needed some serious thinking. She was correct in knowing my dreams. There were two. One was to have a beautiful woman as my life companion, and the other was to find the stone of eternal life. Both dreams were in front of me, and she was saying I could have both, but could I really?

“I already have you whenever I close my eyes.”

“But now you can really hold me and feel my skin against yours for real, like you always dreamed.”

Even though we were not touching, there felt a tie between us, a real tangible physical tie. Not to my still out-held hand, but to my stomach. To my navel. A feeling her and me were connected, and that feeling was growing the longer we were close. I concentrated again on her face to divine her true nature.

“You know we are connected,” she said smoothly while I was trying to settle my thoughts. “And that tie has been growing over the months. We’re destined to be together forever.”

“Something’s wrong.” The words that were only supposed to be thoughts blurted out into the air. Loud enough to startle me, and her.

“Nothing’s wrong,” she soothed, her red reflected eyes peering into mine. “I know what you want, and I’m here to help you claim your dreams. I helped you get here and I can help you get even more. Together we can become powerful.”

My hand was so close to hers, and as I looked into her eyes, I reached further and the tips of my fingers brushed against the soft flesh of the side of her hand.

Her eyes were red. They should be purple.

Back, I thought frantically in my mind. Back to the circle.

My body slowly began to move back away from her and the crystal, but my hand didn’t want to follow, her warm skin still touching my fingers.

“Back to the circle,” I commanded aloud.

My hand was moving away from her, but the feeling that the tips of my four fingers were still touching wouldn’t go. I could still sense her smooth skin and feel her warmth, but it was reducing as I moved further back. Then I was racing away, the surroundings a blur, and then… I was back in the chair, panting as though I had physically ran the whole journey.

“You need to come help Tom,” Amelia called to me. “All hands on him. Think Healing Energy.”

Tom was two chairs around the circle from me and with three others already around his back I merely leaned over and fixed my hands on the closest of his outstretched arms. “Succubus,” he mumbled toward me. He seemed to be panting as much as me.

“He got too close to a succubus,” Amelia said. “He knew the dangers.”

“Beautiful women that try to suck you into being their slaves,” Samantha added. “They tempt with promises of sex and power.”

“Beautiful,” Tom mumbled.

“Red eyes,” Amelia said. “Red eyes and perfect skin.”

“Don’t forget the promises of love all the time,” Samantha added.

“I love her,” Tom mumbled.

“He’s bad,” Amelia said. “We’ll need more people to help.”

“The others should be back soon,” Samantha said.

“Did you touch her?” I asked Tom quietly.

“Close,” he whispered, but his eyes flicked to my hand that had touched her, and he said, “I wasn’t game enough.”

“If he’d touched her he would still be trapped with her for eternity,” Amelia said. “He was lucky.”

“You boys need to be so careful when we do psychic travelling like this,” Samantha said.


Two more hours until Tom was pronounced well enough for us all to leave, even though he still looked pretty flakey to me. My room was almost opposite direction to most the others, so the walk home was mainly alone. Well as alone as a man could be with four of his fingers still touching a dangerously hot chick. I kept looking down at my right hand. It looked normal. It looked like it always did. But inside, I could still feel her soft warm flesh. I tried moving my fingers around to her wrist, and I swear I could feel the bumps of her bones through the skin.

“I like that, Master.”

It was her in my head. Loud and clear.

“We’ll never be alone again.”

I stopped moving my fingers once I’d inched my way to her hand, and I walked the remaining way home with a smile on my face and hand-in-hand with a woman only visible in my imagination.


...o O o...


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