Dad Was Fucking My Mom And Sisters And I Didn’t Know

Dad Was Fucking Mom And My Sisters

And I Didn’t Know

A son was supposed to love his Mom, but maybe too much love is unhealthy, and maybe it’s wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself thinking and imagining. And Mom made it so easy for me.

Like when we’re walking, and she finds reasons to suddenly stop in front of me to pick something from the ground, leaving me so close to her bent-over taught backside, and leaving me aching to rip down her slacks or pull over her dress and push my dick inside her doggy style while my body is bent over her back and my hands are grabbing her boobs tight to me.

Not that I ever did that, but sometimes it seemed like she engineered far too many situations to bend over right in front of me. Occasionally, if I didn’t notice her stopping quick enough, my groin would bump into her warm stretched bum. That had to be her plan because when our bodies touched, she always seemed to wriggle her backside into me, and my confined cock would be rubbing through our clothes against her sweet smooth backside. Maybe I didn’t step back away from her as quick as I should, but… I did enjoy it immensely. And then there was the washing.

That time when I was putting my dirty clothes in the hamper by the washing machine when Mom was there. Sure she was preparing to give me a lesson on how to load the machine, but instead she said, “That reminds me. I need to wash these panties too.” Then she reached both her hands down and hitched up her dress, and right in front of me, she pulled down her white panties and held them out toward me. “They can go in the next load with yours,” she said, turning and sauntering out the laundry toward the kitchen.

She’d given me time to smell her fresh gift. She must have guessed I sniffed my sisters panties. Who doesn’t? But super fresh like this. The toilet was next door, and I had that panty in my hand and that door closed so fast. My pants down and one hand stroking my rock hard cock while the other held that scent-laden panty right up to my nose. The panties so fresh it still had a moist spot where her pussy had been resting only moments ago. I’d never had that before.

That precious fragrant sexy moisture held so close to my nose to fully inhale the intoxicating aroma. Then the thought came to try its taste, the tip of my tongue cautiously licking the middle of the moist area, but soon the whole of the area was in my mouth as I tried to get the most of that delicious taste.

My cock was feeling like it was ready to explode. No real warning, just the certainty that it wouldn’t wait. That precious panty ripped down in time to catch the ocean of white cum as it spattered all over the material, her juices and mine mingling together as they should. Fingers of one hand massaging our juices together and working them into the material to spread the evidence well into the cloth.

The memory stays with me like it only happened an hour ago. Recalling that powerful scent raises my cock the hardest, and that makes me ache to pump my cock inside her pussy, and that is always with her bending over in front of me.

My best dream is the laundry, with her bending over the washing machine.

“I think it’s time you learn how to fill the washing machine,” Mom would say.

And I would say, “We should start with my clothes.” And my shirt would come up my head and fall on the floor. Then Mom’s hands would be unbuckling my belt, and then the buttons of my pants, and they were slipping down floorward, me stepping out of them, one foot pushing my pants further away.

My cock is straining so hard, the skin stretching on its length, and then she reaches forward and grips my shaft firmly in her warm hand. “It’s just like your fathers’,” she says admiringly.

With my cock threatening to blast out right now, I manage to say, “Maybe you should pretend you are bent over attending the machine. Be best if someone came.”

“You don’t want to kiss your old Mom’s lips.”

“After,” I say as she turns around to face the machine, leaving me to take hold of her dress and lift the hem up onto her back only leaving her panties covering her backside. They’re pink today. No intention of taking her panties fully off, only down to her knees, the garment sliding down so easy, and my head following down to follow them and to see the lips of her pussy clear before me.

Every part of me wants to ram my cock deep inside her, but I resist, instead gently wobbling my rigid pole to rub alongside her thighs, the tip heading to part the meaty lips I had seen before. Pushing my cock gently closer and closer, the warm pleasure of her lips delighting the end of my dick, and my cock feeling little to hinder its advance. Slippery warmth, and then exquisite pleasure. I’m in.

“I’m not on the pill.”

I didn’t think, but then it doesn’t matter now, nothing was going to stop us. My cock deeper inside her and feeling her pussy gripping my pole, holding it inside.

“I love you Mom.”

Now I begin moving my cock in and out of her. Gently and slowly, trying to prolong the pleasure, but with her soft backside pressing against my crotch and the raging excitement against the end of my dick, keeping in control is a battle I’m fast losing.

Bending over a little to lie over her back and reach my hands over her to grab her boobs, even though they are still covered with her bra and dress. Gathering their softness in my hands and gently squeezing them into her a little.

“You should kiss them next time.”


I should too. That’s something I’ll enjoy. But right now the enjoyment in my cock is too much. My boiling seething cum is threatening to explode and every thought I have to slow it is not working.


Millions of fresh young seed are racing inside my dick and erupting into my mother’s pussy. Blast after pleasureful blast. My breath coming in bursts to match the blasts of my cum. My cock feels like it is in a swimming pool rather than her cunt, and still cum squirts out. Secretly, I wish my lake of fertile seed will go deep enough to join with one of Mom’s eggs. My hands around her chest keep tight hold of her boobs while my breathing calms, and my cock stays inside her cunt, keeping my secret inside until its job is done.

When my drained cock slides out of her, it leaves behind a shiny cord connecting us, the glistening cord of cum dropping to line the inside of her leg. Taking hold of her panties, I slide it back up and nestle its elastic hem around her backside, trapping my cum inside her so she can keep all of me inside her for the rest of the day.

My breathing takes ages until it is truly settled.


...o O o...


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