I Peed in Granny's Diaper: While She Was Still Wearing It

I Peed in Granny's Diaper

While She Was Still Wearing It

“Do I really have to go? Gran always treats me like I’m ten years old still.”

“Everyone gets old,” Mom said. “But she asked for you specially and said it was for some research and you would be the best.”

“She won’t let me go. I’ll be stuck there forever. And anyway, she smells.”

“Don’t you talk bad of my mother my lad. And it’s not like you were doing anything else, so you get in that car and drive to Gran’s unit and don’t come back until she’s happy with whatever she wanted you to do.”

I’d been told! Saturday afternoon and I should have been out somewhere exciting, but now I was stuck listening to Gran saying how I’d grown and asking me if I want more cookies over and over.

“I’ll ring her back now and tell her you’re on your way.”

Mom’s way of making sure I was going. Humf. I never win.

- - -

“Oh Paulie you’ve grown so much,” Gran greeted me at the door. “A real man.”

“Eighteen now,” I said, hoping she didn’t treat me like a kid all day

“Get yourself inside. Cookies and milk on the table for you.”

Oooh. Here we go I thought, but I heard someone laughing and turned to see Gran doing the laughing. “Fooled you,” She said. “No cookies and milk for you my lad. Today we’re going to be working with pee and cum.”

“What!” I was so shocked I’d blurted it aloud.

“It’s time someone made a real man of you,” Gran said. “My daughter was always too weak and she’s making you into a big sissy, unless that’s what you really want yourself?”

“No Gran.”

“Well you might enjoy this visit then. Close that door and we’ll set the ground rules.”

“Rules!” I muttered while I turned and made sure the front door was fully closed.

“When we’re alone here, then we both only tell the truth. Even though you might think it will hurt me, both us will tell the whole truth. Can you do that?”

“Yes Gran.”

“And second, what we say together stays with us. Make up a story to tell others if you have to, but keep our secrets.”

“Yes Gran.”

“Shake to seal our pact.”

Gran held her right arm out like a man and I shook.

“Sissy grip,” Gran said. “Weak sissy grip. Now you’re a man I want you to shake hands like a man. If you ever get to shake with a woman, grip her with enough strength as though you were just about to rip her clothes off her and fuck her on the ground. Hold that thought in your mind as you shake. Now try it again. Imagine you’re ripping my clothes off.”

I was paralysed with my mouth open. That was not the way a Grandma was supposed to speak.

“Do it boy. Imagine you’re ready to rip my clothes off. Now put that thought into your hand and shake.”

I did what Gran said, glancing at her chest and imagining I was ripping her bra off leaving her soft boobs dangling ready for me to kiss and suck while I was gripping her hand.”

“That was better. Even I could see what you were thinking, and with most women, it will make them secretly excited and want to be with you a lot more.”

“Really? Do women want that.”

“They secretly dream about it. It makes them hot imagining a strong man was thinking of just taking them and loving them. Now let’s get naked.”


“How else can we do my research. Your mother did say?”

“Not really.”

“Just wanted you to come here so she didn’t have to,” Gran said softly. “Well I’ve got this diaper that Gladys gave me, and I want to test it for leaks.”

“What am I to do?”

“Supply the pee. You’ve got the ideal nozzle and I hope you’ve got enough pee.”

“I came before I left.”

“Kitchen lad. Drinking for you.”

Gran filled a large glass for me and stood watching me drink it.

“We can put our clothes on the back of the chair. Better to get used to being naked before we begin.”

I admit I was not happy being naked in front of her. Well any woman really. I never thought I had the ideal body women went crazy for, and then Gran. She was wrinkly and smelly and just plain old.

“You’ve not been with a young woman, have you,” Gran said softly when I was peering into my nearly empty glass.

“Yes… No Gran.”

“Seen your mother or sisters dressing?”

“Not really.”

“Books and video I suppose.”

“Yes Gran.”

“Real life is not like books and video. No programs to ease the blemishes and cover the faults. Real life is warts and all. You need to accept that an except it for me and for you too. You won’t be perfect, and she won’t be perfect, but that puts you in an equal place.”

“I suppose…”

“Drink up and stop making excuses. I’ll start, but keep my bra and panties for you.”

While I drank the last of my drink, Gran lifted her floral dress from over her head and shuffled off her fluffy pink slippers. Left was a large cream bra and a black granny-style panty.

“Your turn lad. Show me what you’ve got?”



...o O o...


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