You'll Go Blind Mom said: Use My Pussy Instead

You'll Go Blind

“Hold it,” I whispered, my mouth open staring at the ceiling and letting my pleasure build as the hand over my cock slid up and down at an ever-increasing tempo. The slippery lotion slathered over my shaft made it as if I was inside the hot moist hole of my so-called girlfriend, and the pressure in my balls was getting more than I could handle. “Hold on,” I whispered desperately.

Tremors growing through my fingers as my straining shaft fought to be set free. “Hold it more, hold it. You can do it.”

My balls pulling into me as though they were being hammered with a mallet. I knew I couldn’t hold another second.

Click. Creak. Caught!

“You know you shouldn’t pleasure yourself like that, it’ll send you blind.”

My dick instantly losing all will to live as I looked over at my mother standing in the doorway, and she was staring at me as I lay on my bed, trousers down and with my cock in my hand, and she wasn’t looking at my face.

“Sorry Mom,” I said. “But I’m not sure that will send a man blind, and I really need the release.”

“Doesn’t that girlfriend look after you when you’re with her?” Mom said, peering sharply into my eyes in a way that meant lies were impossible.

“A little bit.” But I couldn’t really hold her stare.

“When I first set eyes on her, I knew she wouldn’t look after you very well. Too interested in herself. Too silly to know that if she treated you well, you’d treat her even better.”

“All girls are like that,” I said weakly, but really I knew Mom was right.

“Well I suppose there is only one thing for me to do then,” Mom said walking further into the room and closing the door behind her. “You just stay there while Mommy takes care of everything.

With that, she took three steps toward the edge of the bed, lowered both her hands down to the hem of her dress and with a practised movement had her briefs down and around her feet in seconds. Stepping out of her panty she climbed up onto my bed and knelt her way to be lightly sitting over my legs, with her warm legs settled either side of mine, both her hands over my chest, and her dress getting in the way while she arranged it to cover my dick and tummy. Throw that dress off I willed. Let me see all of you. In all the time I knew, I’d never seem Mom naked other than in my dreams.

“Now let’s soothe your cock so you can settle. You want your cock settled don’t you Son?”

“Yes Mom, but I thought I was doing it myself, and it’s not right, you’re my mother after all.”

“And a mother knows what to do to keep her son happy, and no busybodies should interfere.”



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