Teaching Our Son

Teaching Our Son

“He keeps asking me to fuck,” Emily blurted out half-way through dinner.

“Who’s he?”

“Josh. Your precious son. Every day, he asks me, and I’ve told him.”

“Told him what?” Sometimes it was like pulling teeth with her.

“I’ve told him I’m not fucking anyone until I find my perfect man. You tell him Mom.”

Previously, I’d sat both my kids down and given them the talk about sex. And then I offered that when our youngest, Emily, was eighteen, they could fuck together if they wanted, to safely learn about loving. It seemed a good idea at the time, and they both appeared keen, even counting the days until they could begin. There was another part of that offer that had me excited, and that was that Father and me had to be close to offer advice and make sure things were going well. And just maybe there was a circle on my calendar too.

“You’ll be an old biddy with a walker before you ever find the perfect man,” Father said. When we’d talked about the idea before, he seemed as excited as me by the prospect.

One thing I did know was my daughter and her fads. They never lasted long, especially if everyone else ignored them. “Well, if you want to be an old maid, we can’t make Josh suffer. Maybe he should practice with me instead,” I said.

Father turned sharply to me, and then his open mouth turned into a smile. “Maybe after dinner I can help guide him. In our room or the lounge?”

“Our room,” I said firmly, then dinner went on like nothing had happened, other than Emily ate nothing more and sat back scowling while Josh couldn't keep the grin off his face.


Father took charge as the three of us made for the master bedroom. “All clothes off,” he said.

“Tidily,” I added. Josh was like a machine, completely naked in record time. Father was next, but I hung back, leaving my bra and panties on. “Practice for him,” I nodded to Father. “But first I need a good look at my boy now he’s all grown up.”

Side by side, it was obvious Josh was his father’s son. Both them almost the same height and build, but all I really wanted to look at was his dick, and that was now growing in length, and sticking out more as I watched. “Can I feel?” He knew what I was asking, and even took a step toward me, his shaft wobbling as he moved, making it easier for me to reach down and wrap a hand around his still growing tool.

“That’s nice Mom,” he said as his hot dick throbbed in my hand, its girth swelling even while my fingers held it firmly.

“My bra,” I mumbled. “Reach around.”

Keeping his cock in my hand, I used that grip to pull my son closer to me to allow him to reach around my chest and trace my bra strap to find the catch. Looking over at Father, he was watching Josh’s attempts while he nodded approvingly, but below was a surprise. His cock was going up. He was getting excited watching our son touching me. Or was it me controlling our son’s cock? I know that was certainly exciting me.

Father shuffled closer, attempting to help guide Josh with the bra clips, but really he was getting close behind me. So close, the end of his cock bumping my bum. My spare hand was around and wrapped over his cock too. I never imagined. Well, maybe I did imagine, only never expected it to happen. Now I was sandwiched between my two men, with a hard cock from each firmly in my grip. Two men that both found me sexy and desirable, and my panties were still on. The evening had the potential to be very exciting.


...o O o...


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