Mom Made it 3 in a Bed

Mom Made it 3 in a Bed

It was just after Sue’s eighteenth birthday when I called the kids down for a family meeting. It had been a long time coming, but it was desperately needed now. Trying to keep control of a randy son, who took after his father in so many ways, (God rest his soul), and now a girl who went googly eyes at every man that glanced at her, what was a mother to do?

“Kid’s. Some things have been difficult for me since your dad passed. Particularly things about sex.”

“We don’t mind if you want to find another man,” Sue said quickly.

“Maybe I do mind,” I said. “Maybe I don’t want some strange man invading our family’s life. Maybe I’m more cautious about what goes into my pussy.”

“And what if he wanted to attack you Sis,” Tom said. He really was a thoughtful boy. Although Sue seemed to be almost smiling about the prospect.

“I’m not looking for a strange man,” I said firmly. “But if nothing changes, soon I’ll be alone.”

“We’re not leaving,” Sue said quickly, but Tom was looking more thoughtful.

“Mom’s right,” he said. “You’ll soon be shacked up with some loser that’s stuffed you up, and maybe I’ll have a woman and family of my own.”

“I won’t be up the duff.”

Neither Tom nor me wanted to comment. We both saw it. “I’ve been thinking of a plan to sort some of our problems, but while I’m excited by it, you might not be.”

“Me I suppose,” Sue said. “It’s always me.”

“Let Mom explain,” Tom said.

“Just let this idea sink in before you say no. Will you do that?” Both kids nodded. “Now what if we all stayed right were we are now. What if we all agreed to stay in this house and with the three of us here now. The three people we know and love. People that know us and our habits, even the bad ones.”

“Like we’re doing now,” Sue said.

“Like now,” I added. “But what if Tom took over being the man of the house. What if he took you Sue, as his wife, and me as his mistress.”

“My brother fucking me!”

“And me,” I said. “No other women for him other than us two.” Sue was looking ready for an argument, while Tom was smiling a little. “You would have two women to fuck, my son, and I’m sure one would always be keen for your attention. But you would have to swear off all other women, giving all your love to your sister and me. You think you would like that?”

“I have to say the idea appeals. You’re saying I run the family like dad did and look after you and Sis?”

“That’s it.”

“I sort of thought I’d like to have kids sometime, you know.”

“I’m sure your sister is keen to get pregnant, and it would be good to have two women home to take care of the kids.” Sue was sitting fuming, but at least she was quiet. “I know this might seem a strange idea, but it solves a lot of future problems, and none of us would be left alone.”

“I always thought Sis would be a great mother, if she found the right man,” Tom said, looking at his sister.

“And what if I don’t want to squirt out your brats, and what if I don’t want you to fuck me, and what if I don’t want your hands groping my bum all the time.”

“If that was your real answer, then we’ll do nothing. It was just a thought, it wasn’t a definite thing.” I knew it best not to argue. Better to wait for her to think. At least I knew Tom was on board.


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