A Ghost Made Me Pee On My Sister’s Boobs

A Ghost Made Me Pee On My Sister’s Boobs

Yeah Really!

“After dinner, Mom and me want you men to help us form a spirit square here,” my sister announced while we were eating. “We want to enchant a powerful spell to bring even more happiness to this family, and we need four people.”

Now I was not one that believed in all that fairy and angels and ghosts stuff, but my mother and sister were crazy for it. Dad and me had to navigate a house littered with candles and feathers and rocks dangling on strings, but this was the first time they’d asked us men to join them.

“Will it take long?” Dad asked. “The match is televised tonight.”

“You won’t miss your silly match,” Mom said. “For once you can take the time to support your daughter.”

“I’m game,” I said. “Will we get to see real ghosts and naked witches and stuff?”

“One track mind,” Mom said.

“All he looks at is tits,” my sister added.

“Breasts,” Mom said. “No need to be course here.”

“Well will I get to see naked women with big breasts,” I said grinning.

“No,” Mom and Sis said together.

“Might as well watch the match with you,” I said to Dad.


The women were clearing the dinner dishes before Dad and me were really ready. Then four large candles were placed around the kitchen cupboards and lit before the main lights were turned off. Mom pointed where we were to sit. Her and Dad on opposite ends of the kitchen table, and me and Sis opposite each other on the sides. Sis had a rock on a string she held up before her and watched it spin around and around while she muttered something.

“When is it going to take off?” I said.

“Shhh,” Mom hissed.

“We need better grounding,” Sis said. “Bare feet on the floor.”

We all shuffled and undid shoes and slippers and socks, and Sis tried again.

“Better,” she pronounced. “But something is still blocking the spirits.”

“Our footwear,” Mom said. “Maybe we need it completely out of this room.”

Another rush to move all the footwear out the kitchen, then back to try again.

“Much better,” Sis said excitedly. “I’m getting a message now.”

I looked down passed her boobs and saw she had a page on the table over where the crystal was moving. Hard to be sure what she was seeing, but it looked like large letters arranged like a computer keyboard.

“The spirits are saying one thing over and over. They’re saying naked.”

“I was right,” I said quickly.

“That can’t be right,” Mom said. “We’ve never had to be naked before.”

“Don’t witches have to be naked,” I asked, looking over to Dad who was smiling too.

“He’ll get too excited if he sees us naked,” Sis said toward Mom.


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