Mom Made it 3 in a Bed
Writing the Story

Writing the Story of Mom Made it 3 in a Bed
Mom Made it 3 In a Bed by MysticAlchemist book cover

A story completely hijacked.

I was thinking of ideas for an Easter theme story. Nothing other than rabbits and eggs and I’d already done a rabbit costume story some years back and an egg story this week. Maybe it had to be another bunny tale, and an idea soon came.

My Sister Said Only Rabbits Fuck So I Got Her An Easter Bunny Costume

Now for a cover. I use Deposit Photos for images, and a little searching gave a photo I liked (Top Image), and the cover was quickly crafted (Second Image). Now I had all I needed except the actual written story.

The Story

“Mom. My randy brother keeps whispering that he wants to fuck me, and I don’t want to.”

“You know Dad and me told you kids you could fuck together and learn about sex before you found a boyfriend.”

“But I want to wait until I find my special man, not just fuck my brother now.”

As I wrote the beginning, the problem came clear. My intention was to write the story from the point of view of the brother. Like the story is told from a camera in the brother’s eyes, therefor the story can only describe what he is seeing, and here I was describing a private conversation he was not present for. One solution is to change the point of view, make the camera stand back so all the scene can be described. A few words changed and that job was done, but it read back very distant and not very immersive and interesting.

Mom Made it 3 In a Bed by MysticAlchemist book cover

Then I tried writing the story from the eyes of the mother. Not something I usually do, because I’m a man and certainly don’t think like a woman, but I tried. Two pages of writing in this way and a great story was coming out. A lonely mom. A randy son, and a sulky daughter. A gentle story of growing desire, and no sign of the rabbit suit and the brother-sister sex I’d planned.

The more I wrote, the happier I became with the result. Certainly a gentle story, and definitely only from the mother’s point of view, but the story was making me tingle in places and that was always a good sign. The only thing left to do was to change the title and make a new cover, and I’m sure I’ll soon work at another story to use that original cover.

So now the story is Mom Made it 3 in a Bed. (cover on the right.) Quite a change from my original idea.