My Dream Lover is a Succubus
Writing the Story

My Dream Lover is a Succubus by MysticAlchemist book cover
Writing the Story of My Dream Lover is a Succubus

This story started life as a short story I’d prepared to read for Bitchute. The first chapter here is basically that story, but I couldn’t let it go. The idea that maybe it was possible to live with a succubus was too absorbing. What man wouldn’t risk all to have a willing lover for all time.

The original idea grew and grew, and ideas flooded in. In fact the outline turned into a full novel length, but that was too much for a story in this category, so a cut was needed. The actual writing flowed easily until the last two chapters, where cuts were needed to tidy the story to a fitting ending.

Woman with two dogs


Like my usual practice, this cover was designed before I’d started writing. I use Depositphotos for images, and all the images of sexy women with occult looking clothes that I could find were far too weird, or not cute enough. Finally, I settled for the chick with the red underwear and the red background. At the time that seemed the closest to what I imagined. Hot chick in a hot place.

Thinking back now, maybe I could have used a picture like this one with the women and two dogs, but this is a bit cold looking.

Wolf or Princess

For a writer, your subconscious mind is your greatest asset, providing you allow it to be used. In this story, the idea of describing sex as being either princess (gentle and cuddling and both contributing) or wolf (Powerful and commanding and the man in total control), that idea came from nowhere onto the page. The first time it was used it seemed appropriate for the scene, and then places appeared to reuse the idea, reinforcing the wolf or princess theme. It came clear to me toward the end of the book how appropriate the words were, so thank you subconscious mind for your help.

Possible second book?

I have enough material to write a second book following the story around the world, but at the moment, that material is not hot enough, and I don’t have an ending that I really like. So for now it will stay as only this one story, with ideas from the unused material melded into new and different stories. And there are certainly going to me more stories with hints of alchemy and the occult.